Developing 68332 system with gcc and gdb.

Wojciech Zielinski
Wed Jun 24 22:36:00 GMT 1998

    I am a newbie in 683xx Motorola microcontrollers. I have linux
on my PC (distribution: redhat 5.0). I know that developing a 68332
based system in a linux environment with cgoss gcc  is possible.
I have installed gcc and gdb.
I will be very grateful if someone will answer for these questions:
1) What is also needed to compile my programs
and produce coff (and srec) file for a 68332 platform?
2) I'm going to use gdb to load  my program directly
to a 68332 system and debug it, using bdm. Does gdb (xxgdb)
support this operation? Has anyone a diagram of the interface
circuit between gdb (paralell port) and bdm pins on 68332 chip?
Has anyone patches for gdb, which allow me debug any program
on board (through bdm)?

    Thanks in advance.

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