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Mon Jun 22 15:14:00 GMT 1998

To:      General Manager.
            Purchasing Director
            Marketing Director.

Re: De'Parts - your source for parts

Dear Sir/Madam;

*	If you need to find parts or stock as fast as need De'Parts.
*	If you are looking to sell surplus parts or stock (in bulk) need De'Parts.
*	If you are a manufacturer or a distributor and you want to boost need De'Parts.

Share your database with others, and join the De'Parts family at:    WWW.DEPARTS.COM


De'Parts is an Internet-based information services center, that provides an Inventory database to
potential buyers and suppliers of industrial products. De'Parts enables you to publish and track 
down parts at the stroke of a key.

Both supply and demand are met in De'Parts, where all parties can find exactly what they need.

Your parts or surplus stock could be just the solution that someone else needs.

De'Parts will help to reduce your costs, improve inventory control and save on valuable storage space.

All members of the De'Parts network are able, free of charge:
*                   to search our database; 
*                   to use our Email robot;
*                   to submit Request for Quotation (RFQ); and 
*                   to download files.

Publishing members can advertise an unlimited number of parts or lists of stock, in our database
for the use of all De'Parts site visitors.

Publishing membership costs less than the price of an advertisement in your local newspaper.

As a potential customer of De'Parts, we offer you 1month free Publishing Membership for
up to 10,000 lines of items.

For detailed information, please read the "About" section at:    WWW.DEPARTS.COM

Thank you for your time.

M. Eliner


                   ******      Take a part in De'Parts...the parts locating highway!      ******

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