can't build m68k-rtems - the sequel

Joel Sherrill
Fri Feb 27 09:15:00 GMT 1998

On Fri, 27 Feb 1998, John Breen wrote:

> >From: Joel Sherrill <>
> >m68k-rtems is based on m68k-coff and the binutils and gcc targets are 
> very
> >similar (gcc has a couple of extra cpp predefines).
> Is there any reason m68k-rtems has to be coff?  I just patched my 
> gcc- to generate m68k-elf (thanks to Mark Phillips) because I 
> couldn't get my emulator (SDS SingleStep) to work with coff.  We're 
> looking seriously at using RTEMS on our next project, but having to use 
> coff could be a definite disadvantage.

The best thing to do would be to add another m68k-rtems trrget of the
form m68k-rtems-elf.  This appears to be the convention folloed by the
linux community to handle their transitions.  In the long run,
m68k-rtems-coff needs to be there also.  m68k-rtems can alias one or the
other.  For now, it would alias m68k-coff.

This would have to be done to all packages in the toolset -- gcc,
binutls, and newlib.

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