2.8 gcc on m68k

David Barto barto@rabbit.visionpro.com
Thu Feb 26 13:31:00 GMT 1998

In message < 002b01bd4295$985e7750$4216c389@sandray.ma.hw.ac.uk >you write:
>>I noticed that a particular set of operations was slower in the new 2.8
>>compiler.  Does anybody know what could be done to get back the
>>speed, and still have the 68060 support?
>>It appears that in general
>> move rX(nn), rX(mm)
>>has been replaced with
>> move rX(nn), rY
>> move rY, rX(mm)
>Sounds to me like one of the ColdFire mods has escaped. I know that that
>that particular combination of instructions is illegal on the ColdFire
>architecture and that a lot of the m68k.md was modified between 2.7.1 and

I don't mind that the ColdFire mods are out, I just don't want them
to slow down my 68040/68060.

I \thought/ that was why it was done that way... ;-)

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