can't build m68k-rtems - the sequel

Joel Sherrill
Thu Feb 26 13:31:00 GMT 1998

On Thu, 26 Feb 1998, Geoffroy Montel wrote:

> I run Windows NT, Cygwin 32, egcs-980214, etc...
> I successfully build a m68k-coff cross-compiler
> But I still can not build a m68k-rtems one.
> So I wondered whether someone knows the differences between m68k-coff
> and
> m68k-rtems executables. Indeed the newlib ones are the same.
> Couldn't I copy m68k-coff-gcc, etc... to m68k-rtems-gcc and add some
> header files somewhere?

m68k-rtems is based on m68k-coff and the binutils and gcc targets are very
similar (gcc has a couple of extra cpp predefines).

But for rtems, newlib is very different.  RTEMS has POSIX signals,
threads, its own malloc, etc..

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