built in linker script:5: parse error

Mayo, Thomas tmayo@mdsroc.com
Tue Feb 24 13:31:00 GMT 1998

Kind people,

Can someone please help me with the below problem?  Thanks.

~/src/build-gcc (891) make all
if [ -f libgcc2.ready ] ; then \
        true; \
else \
        touch libgcc2.ready; \
./xgcc -B./ -DCROSS_COMPILE -DIN_GCC -DSVR4  -g -I./include    -c
Testing libgcc1.  Ignore linker warning messages.
./xgcc -B./ -DCROSS_COMPILE -DIN_GCC -DSVR4  -g -I./include
libgcc1-test.o -o libgcc1-test \
  -nostartfiles -nostdlib `./xgcc -B./ --print-libgcc-file-name`
/export/home/tmayo/ppc/powerpc-*-elf/bin/ld:built in linker script:5:
parse error
make: *** [libgcc1-test] Error 1
~/src/build-gcc (892) 

Tom Mayo  N1MU  tmayo@mdsroc.com
Senior Development Engineer - Microwave Data Systems - Rochester, NY

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