i486 Solaris 2.5 / embedded m68k cross compiler needed

Michael Skolones michaels@telerobot.com
Wed Feb 11 13:29:00 GMT 1998

     We are already up and running on the VME board (which is from PEP, not 
     Moto.  PEP supplied the BSP), using the PEP/Wind River-supplied tools 
     for a Sparc/Solaris 2.5 cross m68K PEP VME.  The problem is that we 
     need to do field support for some of our products, and we don't have a 
     portable Sparc.  We have a PC-based laptop running Solaris 2.5.  The 
     missing link is the i486/Solaris-m68K cross compiler.
     I haven't called the folks at Wind River, but I've been told that they 
     don't currently support Solaris running on Intel hardware. 

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Subject: i486 Solaris 2.5 / embedded m68k cross compiler needed
Author:  "Robert J. Brown" <rj@eli.elilabs.com> at Internet
Date:    2/11/98 3:00 PM

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Skolones <michaels@telerobot.com> writes:
    Michael>      Hello, I've been lurking on this mailing list for 
    Michael> some time, trying to pick up information about
    Michael> building/porting cross compilers.  The _big_ problem is 
    Michael> that I need a particular cross compiler, but I don't know 
    Michael> if I hve the time to home-brew it.  Therefore I was 
    Michael> hoping someone out there could tell me if this particular 
    Michael> port has ever been performed by anyone, anywhere, and 
    Michael> what the time commitment might be (roughly, for a 
    Michael> cross-compiler porting "newbie").  Lastly, if this port 
    Michael> is available commercially I'd like to know about it.
    Michael>      I need to be able to compile C++ code for an 
    Michael> embedded m68k/VME target using a laptop PC running 
    Michael> Solaris 2.5 The embedded m68k is running VxWorks and an 
    Michael> application layer called Control Shell.  I'll assume that 
    Michael> if I can get a compiler working, I should be able to get 
    Michael> compatible libraries from the makers of the operating 
    Michael> system and the application layer.
If you are a VxWorks customer, they should be able to supply Gnu 
toolchain -- cross compiler, assembler, run-time libraries, linker, 
debugger, etc.  You could build them yourself, but Wind River supplies 
the Gnu tools routinely for their OS.  The trickiest part is the cross 
debugger, but they do that too.  I trust you are using some kind of 
MVME board from Motorola, and that there is a BSP available for it.
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