i486 Solaris 2.5 / embedded m68k cross compiler needed

Michael Skolones michaels@telerobot.com
Wed Feb 11 10:27:00 GMT 1998

     I've been lurking on this mailing list for some time, trying to pick 
     up information about building/porting cross compilers.  The _big_ 
     problem is that I need a particular cross compiler, but I don't know 
     if I hve the time to home-brew it.  Therefore I was hoping someone out 
     there could tell me if this particular port has ever been performed by 
     anyone, anywhere, and what the time commitment might be (roughly, for 
     a cross-compiler porting "newbie").  Lastly, if this port is available 
     commercially I'd like to know about it.
     I need to be able to compile C++ code for an embedded m68k/VME target 
     using a laptop PC running Solaris 2.5   The embedded m68k is running 
     VxWorks and an application layer called Control Shell.  I'll assume 
     that if I can get a compiler working, I should be able to get 
     compatible libraries from the makers of the operating system and the 
     application layer.
     Any thoughts?
     Mike Skolones
     Schilling Robotic Systems

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