GDB problems with sparc-elf

Jiri Gaisler
Thu Feb 5 02:02:00 GMT 1998

Hav anyone used the elf format for embedded sparc processors? It seems
that gdb cannot properly read the debug (stabs) info from sparc-elf
files produced by gas. I have tried most versions of both gdb and gas, 
but the problem persists. Dumping the the stabs information from my 
binary files with objdump displays the correct debugging information - 
the problem seems to be in gdb. When gdb read the symbol information, 
it get the wrong line numbers for functions etc. Sometime it fails
reading the symbol table at all. Doing "info functions" in gdb 
display all functions as "non-debugging" symbols. Any hints?

I gave tried gas-2.7.1, gas-2.8.1, gdb-4.16.1, gdb980122. I configure
with --target=sparc-elf. Using aout instead of elf, everything work

Jiri Gaisler, European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESA/ESTEC)
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