Crosscompiling to OS/2 ?

Pedro F. Giffuni
Tue Feb 3 19:10:00 GMT 1998

Thanks to everyone that replied! The response was so overwhelming..OS2
doesn't seem so dead after all ;-).
OK what I need EMX, and there's also a pgcc for OS2, but it is not
supported as a target (I want to crosscompile from FreeBSD).

Someone in the OS/2 lists suggested that cygnus was "married" with
Micro$oft nowadays; a real shame considering OS2 is much more
interesting: there's even is an XFree86 implementation.

It's also curious that the three PC-non-UNIX platforms (DOS/win32/os2)
don't seem to share much code in common, I would've suspected they could
help each other...

thanks to everyone that replied,


Jeff Freedman wrote:
> Pedro F. Giffuni wrote:
> >
> > Hello;
> > I can't find a target to crosscompile to OS/2, but I've heard there is a
> > gcc implementation for it. Is there a target, or a particular reason for
> > not supporting OS/2?
> There is a version of GCC that runs on and targets OS/2; it's called
> EMX, and you can get it at  I've also wondered why it's
> not included with the other GCC targets.
> -- Jeff

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