Some newbie questions

Brian Cuthie
Sun Feb 1 06:39:00 GMT 1998

These are defined in libgcc2.c, which is part of the gcc distribution.
It probably got built and installed, you just aren't linking it in.
This file can be used without the LGPL restrictions.


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>Subject:	Some newbie questions
>Pardon me for the simplistic questions, but I'm a bit green in this 
>area.  I've spent the last couple days scanning the archives (BTW, where 
>are the latest?  The ones I found only seemed to go to last July), and 
>I've read the Cygnus FAQ, but I still have some unanswered questions.
>I set up gcc about a year ago to do some simplistic 68040 
>cross-development (small hardware test programs).  It wasn't quite 
>installed right, but it was good enough.  Now I'd like to use it for 
>real development on a 68360 system, but I'm running into a few problems.  
>I'm using the BDM port on the '360, through an HP E3458A probe, with the 
>SDS SingleStep debugger.
>1.  In my previous uses, I ran into the problem of main calling __main, 
>which couldn't be found; since my code was very simple, I just stubbed 
>it out.  I've now found that __main is in libgcc.a, but I have to 
>explicitly link to it.  Is this right?
>2.  Linking in libgcc then required _exit and _cleanup.  I stubbed 
>_cleanup and made _exit an infinite loop.  Does this make sense?
>3.  I wanted to use rand() (I *believe* I'm using newlib-1.7.0).  For 
>some reason, this requires sbrk().  I don't feel comfortable stubbing 
>this, but I considered just having it return -1 and setting errno to 
>ENOMEM (which the man page says it should do on error).  Any ideas?
>4.  I can't get SingleStep to recognize the debugging information.  I 
>generate coff with -g, convert it to IEEE with objcopy, and then to 
>SDS's format with fromieee.  But all I can display is disassembled code.  
>Anyone else have experience with SDS? (I did see a thread about this in 
>the archive, but it didn't look like it was completely answered; I'd 
>call SDS, but I imagine they'd just try to sell me their compiler).
>5.  I've seen reference to remote debugging with gdb.  Is this possible 
>via the BDM on the '360?
>Thanks.  I'm sure I'll have more questions in the coming weeks.
>John A. Breen
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