linking objects from other compilers

Rob Savoye
Thu Dec 10 07:24:00 GMT 1998

On Wed, Dec 09, 1998 at 10:47:40PM -0600, Robert J. Brown wrote:

> This is a question I am interested in also, as we are using pSOS on a
> project with the PPC, and I would like to be able to use gdb in a
> cross platform setup together with dejagnu to automate regression
> testing, but the pSOS library is in MRI format.  We have the sources
> for everything else, so we just need a way to port the pSOS libraries
> to gcc and we are in business.  

  At least for the m68k, the MRI format is IEEE695, which is supported
(or at least used to be) by the binutils. You can use objcopy to convert them.
For the PPC, it's probably ELF, so you can use C libraries produced by other
compilers, but not C++. For powerpc-elf, GCC should have no problem linking
with the other C-based libraries.

  DejaGnu will work with other compilers, but it works best for cross
testing when using GCC. As far as making DejaGnu work for cross testing,
I'm currently rewriting the manual, and adding more docs on how to do this.
Once that is done, I plan on doing a new net release in the Jan-Feb time
frame. This relese is basically what's in the snapshots available with
GCC/GDB, plus the new manual.

	- rob -
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