m68k->powerpc build problem

fheitka@ibm.net fheitka@ibm.net
Mon Dec 7 05:11:00 GMT 1998

In < 199812071249.OAA17225@loop.nettilinja.fi >, on 12/07/98 
   at 02:49 PM, "Kai Ruottu" <karuottu@freenet.hut.fi> said:

>fheitka@ibm.net wrote:

> You need the m68k assembler for binaries running in the host.

Yep.  Got those in /usr/bin.

> You need the ppc assembler for library binaries for the target, like for
>making 'libgcc.a' and 'libobjc.a'.

Yep.  Got links to those in /usr/bin i.e.  powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu-as, 

>>   AR="powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu-ar" AR_FLAGS="rc" CC="gcc" CFLAGS="-g -O2"
>  <snip>
>> _muldi3
>> Assembler messages:
>> Error: unrecognized architecture specification `ppc'

> If you haven't changed the default 'prefix', '/usr/local', your 
>'powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu-as' should be installed as:

I compile the binutils (--prefix=/usr) and host GCC
(--prefix=/usr/egcs-1.1.1)  with links to the various programs in
/usr/bin, /lib and /usr/lib.  I do this to keep compiler versions separate
and easily removable if needed. 

>   /usr/local/powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu/bin/as

This link  I didn't make.

>All your other binutils for the 'powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu' target should
>be there too...


>BTW, why didn't you look the search paths for programs and libs using:
>   ./xgcc -print-search-dirs
>or try to look which 'as' your 'xgcc' finds first using:
>   ./xgcc -print-prog-name=as

I'm aware of that command, but didn't use it.  I've successfully made a
cross compiler on my PC some time ago so I thought I  new what I was
doing.  Sorry.

>If you have used GCC earlier, have browsed the GCC-manual (with 'info',
>making a DVI file by 'make dvi' and looking it with 'xdvi' or printing
>it, making HTML-pages with 'texi2html gcc.texi' and browsing with
>Netscape, etc.)  you should know these options for 'debugging the
>installation'... This really  is a RTFM-error...

OK.   I will look again.  Thanks.

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