Need help with -m68060 switch on egcs-1.1b

Kirk Hobart
Thu Dec 3 02:06:00 GMT 1998


Wow thanks! I modified my t-m68kbare, and successfully built a new set of
68060 libraries. They appear to be free of unimplemented 68060 opcodes.

I also just discovered that the -ffast-math switch may have been causing
those bad opcodes inside my functions. I turned off the switch and the bad
opcodes vanished, and my 68060 application started running!

I'm now using:  -m68060 -O3 -Wall

Things are looking brighter now. A big thank-you for the assistance!

At 09:07 AM 12/2/98 -0500, Aleksey wrote:
>This one is relatively simple:
>1. Look at which gcc/config/m68k/t-* files is used by your configuration.
>   You can do it by looking at gcc/Makefile generated by configure
>   macro tmake_file points to this file.
>2. Look at this file and examine its multilib options. Below is 
>   gcc/config/m68k/t-m68kbare:
> <more good stuff snipped>

Kirk Hobart   Santa Barbara, California

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