Compiling ram_init file for m68k-coff-gdb

Henrik Uhrenfeldt
Wed Apr 29 23:49:00 GMT 1998

Melvin P. Kocher wrote:
> This probably refers setting up the SCIM or SIM (I'm not sure what is in
> 331).

There's a SIM register exactly like the one in the 332.

> I believe these devices have programmable chip selects.  If so, then these
> registers have to be setup before you can access any RAM.

Exactly... That has been the problem for us.

> You will have to have hardware knowledge of what CS (chip select) lines
> from the CPU go to what CS lines on your memory.  Additionally, you will
> need to either use the memory as suggested by the board manufacturer, or
> come up with one of your own.

Well... the only thing ON our board is the CPU, so we've made the rest
ourselves. But finding out WHAT to write in the registers is not a
problem, it's just HOW.

> On my current project, I setup all the system registers including the
> programmable chip selects in the crt0.s (I don't know where the name
> comes from, but this is the assembly file that executes immediately out
> of reset).

Hmm... we kind of thought that that file should be the one, but there
are also som linker scripts who tells our program where to reside in
memory. What is the minimal configuration for getting things
up'n'running, and which files should we edit? Will crt0.s output the
infamous ram_init file, or should we somehow integrate the crt0.s with
our own program?

> This should get you pointed in the right direction; sorry I don't know
> where to point you for tutorial info as I plowed through it myself
> about a year ago.

Well... I have had a lot of response to my request, and one of them
included a tutorial (in german though), but thanks for your help!

> Good luck.  By the way, whats an RPM?

An RPM is a special Red Hat Linux package format, which cuts installing
programs down to typing one line... pretty neat!

> Regards,
> Melvin.


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