compiling cross gcc/egcs

Stefan Schober
Wed Apr 29 18:36:00 GMT 1998

Bob Paddock <> wrote:
> Any one know how to fix these?  I've tried recompiling the
> compiler a few times now, all with out success.

sorry, I can't tell you, how to fix your problem. All I can do is
telling you, what I did to compile gcc for H8300/H.

I compiled gcc- using gcc- on my linux box.

First I configured binutils-2.8.1 for h8300-hms. Compiling and
installing ran out of the box.

Next I patched gcc- using the patch, you can find on cygnus' ftp
server. As far as I can remember it is in the embedded directory. Be
sure to grab the patch file for gcc- (or the version og gcc, you
want to install). After applying this patch to the gcc sources I
configured gcc for h8300-hms. Compiling and installing was successsfull,
without any problems.

At last I configured cygnus' newlib for h8300-hms, compiled and
installed it. As the patch file. you will find the newlib sources on
cygnus' ftp server.

That's all I did ...

	hope, it can help you ...

	Stefan Schober, Heilbronn/Germany
		reach me at

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