m68k remote stub

Alex Baldin pipen@olvs.miee.ru
Wed Apr 22 23:30:00 GMT 1998

There's no serious problem - just check your tm-*.h file in GDB
source tree (think it is 'tm-monitor.h') for 'DECR_PC_AFTER_BREAK' macro.
In you case there should be


On Wed, 22 Apr 1998, Raul Hernandez wrote:

> 	Every time that gdb sends a trap #1 and remote program stops,
> the PC is a memory position advanced. 
> 	I can fix it in the remote stub substracting two to the saved
> PC. It works fine when executing steps and nexts, but after the 
> breakpoints gdb in the next instruction send again trap #1. 
>  A solution is to execute "set $pc = $pc - 2" after stops in the 
> breakpoint. Then GDB before sending the trap #1 executes a step and 
> then continue fine.

Good luck!

Alex Baldin

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