m68k remote stub

Raul Hernandez RAULHER@santandersupernet.com
Wed Apr 22 15:16:00 GMT 1998


	I´m working in a embedded system for m68k-coff. I´ve built 
the toolchain and it runs great, but now I need to use GDB for 
cross-debugging using a remote stub based in "mvme-stub" from

	I have some problems when gdb and remote stub handles 
the trap #1.

	Every time that gdb sends a trap #1 and remote program stops,
the PC is a memory position advanced. 

	I can fix it in the remote stub substracting two to the saved
PC. It works fine when executing steps and nexts, but after the 
breakpoints gdb in the next instruction send again trap #1. 
 A solution is to execute "set $pc = $pc - 2" after stops in the 
breakpoint. Then GDB before sending the trap #1 executes a step and 
then continue fine.

	Is there another clean solution for this? A patch for gdb? 


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