Crossgcc 2.8.1 for ppc

Anders Blomdell
Mon Apr 20 07:59:00 GMT 1998

Thanks for all answers. As most people (except me) know, gcc-2.8.1 for
powerpc needs binutils 2.9. After I got that one right, the following minor
difficulties surfaced with the onetree build method:

	1. gcc makes './as' a link to '../gas/', but gas now names it
	2. gcc fails to honor '--program-suffix=-ppc' which leads
	   to 'ppc-eabi-c++', 'ppc-eabi-g++', 'ppc-eabi-gcc' being installed,
           instead of 'c++-ppc', 'g++-ppc' and 'gcc-ppc'.
	3. libgloss fails to configure due to a missing crt0.s. This
	   matter since we use our own runtime modules.

Very minor problems, and now everything works as expected.


Anders Blomdell

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