crossgcc: arbitrary sections?

Robert J. Brown
Sun Apr 5 20:01:00 GMT 1998

>>>>> "Brian" == Brian Cuthie <> writes:

    >> In crossgcc "Robert J. Brown" <> writes:
    >>> I have used some pretty hairy linker scripts in embedded work
    >>> before, but using other proprietary linkers, not gnu ld.  I
    >>> have not read the info docs on ld yet, so I am just wondering.
    >>> Plese do not lob an RTFM grenade my way for asking this
    >>> question.  :-)
    >>  And why not?  Was it somehow easier to type your question than
    >> to type "info -f ld"?
    >> -brian

Well, primarily because I currently have no need to dig into this
right now, but was wondering since I feel the need will come up sooner
or later, given the kind of work that I do.  I just wanted a 25 words
or less answer, not a whole man page full.

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