crossgcc: arbitrary sections?
Sun Apr 5 12:33:00 GMT 1998

In crossgcc "Robert J. Brown" <> writes:

>So what is the method?  Do gnu ld linker scripts allow you to identify 
>a chunk of object code by the module name (name of .o file) together
>with the names of the sections that are present in that file, so that
>you could take the data section of foo.o and put it one place, but put 
>the data section of bar.o in another place, yet let the text sections
>of both coallesce into a single code space?


>I have used some pretty hairy linker scripts in embedded work before,
>but using other proprietary linkers, not gnu ld.  I have not read the
>info docs on ld yet, so I am just wondering.  Plese do not lob an RTFM 
>grenade my way for asking this question.  :-)

Well, you don't want me to say RTFM, but it does seem the right way to
answer that question.


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