as: unrecognized option `-c68020'

Jacob W Janovetz
Tue Oct 21 11:50:00 GMT 1997

> > I'm trying to build a cross-compiler to compile for a 68000 (m68k-aout)
> > on a linux host.  I've followed the instructions in the FAQ and it dies
> > while building libgcc with the message 
> > 	"as: unrecognized option `-c68020'"
> > 
> > According to the gas manual the correct option is -mc68020.  I've
> > grepped through everything in the source tree to try to find where the
> > string -c68020 comes from, but with no success.
> Somehow gcc is invoking the native as.  This usually indicates that you
> did not build using the instructions in the crossgcc FAQ
> ( and forgot to build/install
> binutils before moving on to gcc.  

   I also _strongly_ recommend using this FAQ as the reference.
I had numerous troubles getting things to work with the RTEMS
tutorial on getting things setup.  The confusion was basically
a misunderstanding of the entire GNU make/autoconf process and
such.  The crossgcc FAQ went nearly flawless except for the 
problems building for a CPU32 (no bitfield ops, no floating point,
and GCC doesn't like assembling libgcc for 68000)


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