as: unrecognized option `-c68020'

Joel Sherrill
Tue Oct 21 09:15:00 GMT 1997

On Tue, 21 Oct 1997, Neil Youngman wrote:

> I have just tried again, from scratch and got a different error.  the
> difference may be because previously I use "make all" instead of "make
> all install".

This time you have a different error.  :)

> /tmp/cca12355.s: Assembler messages:
> /tmp/cca12355.s:70: Error: operands mismatch -- statement `tstl a4'
> ignored
> make[3]: *** [libgcc2.a] Error 1

If your target CPU model is not a 68000, then you can simply edit
gcc-XYZ/config/m68k/t-m68kbare and remove the 68000 from the list of

This is aknown problem and I do not have a patch for it.  If someone on
the list does (since this has been mentioned before), then I am sure they
will post a real patch.

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