Debugging CPU32 via BDM

Matthew Majka
Mon Oct 20 10:50:00 GMT 1997

Hi all,

I have seen several messages concerning the use of GDB to
debug a MC68360 via a BDM port.  I believe all messages
referred to using the Parallel Printer Port on the back of a
PC running Linux.  We are in the process of getting a Moto
QUADS board to start development and I'd really like to use
GDB (and DDD) to do my source-level debugging.  Has anyone
done a CPU32 BDM interface for GDB using the Sun serial
ports?  Is Linux the only available (free) host for using
GDB (patched) to debug CPU32 using BDM?


Matthew Majka - Software Engineer
Honeywell Defense Avionics Systems
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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