binutils/objcopy & ieee: illegal variable index

Robert J. Brown
Thu Oct 9 21:00:00 GMT 1997

>>>>> "D" == D V Henkel-Wallace <> writes:

    D>    We're building our software here with MRI cross development
    D> tools; output format is IEEE 695.

    D>    For debugging purposes I finally want to install GNU gdb
    D> with BDM support for MC68332 on Linux/i386.  [..]  Is there
    D> anybody working with IEEE format and had similar problems? I
    D> can't expend too much time for this project, so any help is
    D> appreciated.

    D> Forgive me for being obtuse, but why not use the GNU tools for
    D> compilation as well?

I am a consultant to Lucent, where he works (different site though)
and believe me, its a political thing.  Perhaps Lucent, being formerly
Bell Labs, having invented C and C++, is jealous of anyone giving away
a compiler.  I do not know, but it seems to be an insurmountable
obstacle to be allowed to use Gnu compilers to compile code that gets
shipped to customers.  I really have not heard a good reason, but I
know ther is great resistance there.  :-(

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