binutils/objcopy & ieee: illegal variable index

Herbert Thielen
Thu Oct 9 04:08:00 GMT 1997

D.V. Henkel-Wallace:
>    We're building our software here with MRI cross development tools; output
>    format is IEEE 695.
>    For debugging purposes I finally want to install GNU gdb with BDM support
>    for MC68332 on Linux/i386.
>    [..]
>    Is there anybody working with IEEE format and had similar problems? I can't
>    expend too much time for this project, so any help is appreciated.
> Forgive me for being obtuse, but why not use the GNU tools for compilation
> as well?

Thanks for your answer. Using gcc for compilation is quite a good idea, but
unfortunately the software production process here is quite complicated,
and to change this (together with the validation of the result) at short
notice isn't possible.

We are able to debug with a Windows95 tool (TRACE32 of Lauterbach) that
understands IEEE 695 and BDM, but we'd like to debug using a Unix system.

In the meantime I found the IEEE 695 specification:

                   IEEE-695 Developer's Package
   anonymous ftp ( dist/ieee-695.

It's mirrored at, if sb. is
interested. There are some analyzing tools (binaries for HPUX and Sun) and
some source code. Perhaps someone else is interested too.


Herbert Thielen
Lucent Technologies Network Systems Germany

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