GCC as a Cross Compiler for CPU32 target

ian@cygnus.com ian@cygnus.com
Wed Nov 26 08:04:00 GMT 1997

>   - And last, I still search a"org" like directive for assembler. My goal
>   is not to modify
>      definitively the location counter as "org" does in GAS but instead
>   generate
>      and manipulate structure, like in the following example :

>Since gas doesn't generate absolute assembly the ORG construct isn't
>really meaningful, which means the dubious hack (which I realise is common
>in handwritten assembly) can't easily be supported.  You can use the
>linker to bind tags to locations, but it's clumsy.  You'd be better off
>using arithmetic to assign values to symbols (e.g. FOO =. ? blah blah ? x
>= . - foo etc).

For the special case of using .org to define structure field values,
gas supports the .struct pseudo-op.

I don't know whether it's documented.  It's intended to work as in
MIPS assemblers.


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