GCC as a Cross Compiler for CPU32 target

D.V. Henkel-Wallace gumby@cygnus.com
Wed Nov 26 03:03:00 GMT 1997

At 10:52 +0100 11/26/97, Olivier Carmona wrote:
>DV Henkel-Wallace wrote:
>> In article <347AEA79.407D2EB.cygnus.crossgcc@di.epfl.ch>, Olivier Carmona
>> <olivier.carmona@di.epfl.ch> wrote:
>>    - I still cannot use the CPU32 special instructions
>> Why don't you add them to gas and submit the change to the maintainers?
>Well my understanding of the gas code is not that good !

Hey, it's free software.  You get the benefits of others' contributions,
and you can make some as well.  Just complaining that some feature isn't
supported us unlikely to get them fixed.

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