GCC as a Cross Compiler for CPU32 target

DV Henkel-Wallace gumby@cygnus.com
Tue Nov 25 21:53:00 GMT 1997

In article <347AEA79.407D2EB.cygnus.crossgcc@di.epfl.ch>, Olivier Carmona
<olivier.carmona@di.epfl.ch> wrote:

   Thanks for your answers, I rebuilt GCC using the distrib Some
   problems are corrected but :
   - I still cannot use the CPU32 special instructions

Why don't you add them to gas and submit the change to the maintainers?

   - And last, I still search a"org" like directive for assembler. My goal
   is not to modify
      definitively the location counter as "org" does in GAS but instead
      and manipulate structure, like in the following example :

Since gas doesn't generate absolute assembly the ORG construct isn't
really meaningful, which means the dubious hack (which I realise is common
in handwritten assembly) can't easily be supported.  You can use the
linker to bind tags to locations, but it's clumsy.  You'd be better off
using arithmetic to assign values to symbols (e.g. FOO =. ? blah blah ? x
= . - foo etc).

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