xgcc sends 'bad' parameters to as!

Fredrik Adolfsson frado@swipnet.se
Tue Nov 25 18:39:00 GMT 1997


I'm installing a cross-comp for Linux and I just can't
get the darn thing to build phase one. :-)

The Binutils installed fine (version I think,
gcc is

Target is decstation-ultrix and host is i586-linux.

When I try to build (with make LANGUAGES=c), it stops
at the libgcc2.a and says: as: unknown option -O2.

The problem is that xgcc passes all parameters to as.
Should it really do this? If I ignore it and 'make install'
it fails to complete the cross gcc.

Any help appreciated. Thanks

\ Fredrik Adolfsson   Karlstad, Sweden  \0/
/ fradoatswipnetdotse   UIN 4749999      #
\ <this space is free from quotes>      /|

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