MIPS gas problems

Ken Greenberg ken@calast.com
Wed Nov 19 07:35:00 GMT 1997


Thanks for your reply.
> The 4010 support was contributed by Jeff Spiegel <jeffs@lsil.com>.  I
> have no documentation on the 4010, so I just trusted what he gave me.

I saw that in the release notes, but it definitely does not agree 
with LSI Logic 4010 documentation. Thus, in my view it is wrong. Is 
he still there?

> Using $0 doesn't work because the MIPS16 doesn't support $0.  You'll
> have better luck if you use a register which exists on the MIPS16: $2
> through $7, or $16 and $17.  Other registers are available for
> specific instructions.

I was given incorrect information here. I was told that the 
MIPS16 assembly language referred to the registers by their logical 
names ($0 through $7) instead of their underlying, translated 
register names ($16, $17, $2:$7). Obviously, this is not the case, 
and it is noted as such in a footnote to a table in the LSI Logic 
documentation that I had missed. This is working fine now.


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