m68k-coff-as and m68k-aout-as problems...

Vitor Santos vitor@ua.pt
Mon Nov 17 10:42:00 GMT 1997

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to install a cross development environment,
and the crossgcc FAQ has been my bible.
My host is a sunsparc-solaris2 and the target is a 68040 based
environment. I decided to use coff format to compile the development
libraries as well as for my applications. I had many problems since
some code of the libraries is written in assembly and references to external
symbols expect a leading underscore ( _ ) typical of a.out format
object files. As I found no way of forcing the crosscompiler to
prepending that underscore on the global symbols on my C source
files, I decided to use the a.out format for everything. So, I recompiled
the entire cross development tools for the target m68k-aout (and even
m68040-aout) but the assembler (m68k-aout-as) fails on a piece of
code like this:
    section S_TEXT
issuing the following error
    Error: Unknown operator -- statement 'section S_TEXT' ignored
This did not happen with the m68k-coff-as!
As I am not an expert on 68k assembler I may find difficulties in
tracking the problem. Can anyone point me directions where
to look...
Thanks in advance.

--Vitor Santos

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