Cross Compiler for m68k [2]

John Walker
Wed May 14 00:38:00 GMT 1997

Dear All,

Firstly, I must apologise for a typo in my first email. I had understood the
[345] in the command line and was entering,

% ./configure --host=i486-linux --target=m68k-coff --prefix=/usr/m68k -v

for my 486DX4-100. I cut and paste from the FAQ for the first email - hence the
typo. The target will be a 68030 sitting on a homebrew board.

Secondly, I have now studied the CrossGCC FAQ and that has helped a huge deal.

A few developments, I can get binutils to build on my other two computers -
each running RedHat4.0 as well. But I still get the recursive creation of the
Makefile when I try the build on the computer that I want the software resident
on. I realise that one solution would be to build on the other 486DX4-100 that
I have and then transfer the binaries over - but there is very definitely a
problem with the original setup that I would like to sort.

My question is this - The very first make for binutils, what
packages/binaries/libraries does it depend on? If I can make sure I have all of
these then it should compile .....?

My last resort will be to reinstall RH4 on the machine - not a huge problem.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped.


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