Motorola coldfire520X and gcc/gdb
Fri Jun 6 10:55:00 GMT 1997

>the coldfire has a instruction set that is a reduced 68000 set with

yes, there is no byte or word arithmetic (except for word multiply),
everything must be loaded into registers and extended to 32 bits.
(I believe they added an 'EXTB.L' instruction)

>a couple of 68020 enhancements (VBR, etc..) plus cache control
>and MAC (multiply-accumelate) instructions.

actually, my understanding is that the 52xx only has a 16x16 multiply
(and no divide!), but that the new 53xx has a 32x32 multiply plus MAC...

we were gonna use coldfire but after we saw the instruction set,
we decided to go with hitachi super-h risc instead...


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