Wild and Crazy hacking under Solaris

Joe DeVincentis jdevince@baynetworks.com
Fri Jan 31 14:51:00 GMT 1997


Anyone out there tried to catch a fault (like SIGSEGV) under
Solaris and modify the "local" and "in" registers(%l0-%l7 and
 %i0 - %i7), so that they get restored when you "setcontext()"?

I am finding that I can access / modify the registers available
in the ucontext structure passed to my signal handler, (%o and %g registers),
but I can't find any info on where the other registers are, and if it is
possible to get them "restored" from the stack...

I created a program to put specific values in some of the registers
and looked at the stack on a fault and found them, but they don't seem
to get restored on "setcontext()".

Thanks - Joe

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