CrossGCC for an Embedded POWERPC Atlas Motherboard

Mon Dec 22 01:13:00 GMT 1997


I planed to build a cross-compiler running on a linux 2.0.27 system 
for an Embedded PowerPC Atlas Motherboard (Motorola) as a target.
After being unable to find a target like 'powerpc-*-eabi' (GAS ans GCC)

GAS 2.8 has been built in this way:
.... --target=powerpc-motorola-elf ...
well done

GCC (successfully patched with cygnus gcc patch :
.... --target=powerpc-motorola-elf --with-as --with-ld --with-stabs
--prefix=/usr/local ...
well done

So now, i'm able to buid .S files form .c works fine, now i'd
like having support through
C standard library functions like printf and others stuff in theses .c

Newlib 1.8.0 :
Well, since my Atlas Motherboard is running PPC-Bug (firmware), of corse
no configuration exist
for such a thing. So having a fully documented system calls for this
embedded monitor, i'd like to
build my own configuration, neitherless before spending a lot of time,
did someone realised such a
library (with all headers files) ?
   In the other case, i'd like having some advices about embedded abi,
important files to modify over
newlib ones.

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