linux hosted 68k cross compiler

michael dorin
Fri Dec 19 14:41:00 GMT 1997


I have been trying for two days following several lists of instructions
and I can't seem to build a cross compiler which will run on Linux that
builds 68k code for an embedded target.  I don't need any libraries 
I just want to build and assemble 68k code!

My current attempt gives me:

../src/bfc/cisco-core.c: In function 'cisco_core_file_p'
../src/bfc/cisco-core.c: 188 'SIGEMT' undeclared

Is there someplace that has a binary version of these ready?
Can somebody give me idiot proof instructions? (Including files to get
etc. for linux hosted 68k development)

Is there a DOS 68k compiler out there?              

Please help!

-Mike Dorin

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