Trouble building newlib-1.8.0 for powerpc-eabi target on i386-pc- gnuwin32 host.

Michael Meissner
Thu Aug 7 06:05:00 GMT 1997 (Peter Barada) writes:

> I'm trying to build for a powerpc, and I've just seen this myself. I
> would appreciate any help as well. I've grepeed throught he
> gcc- sources, and I can't find any mention of
> 'relocatable-lib'. Anyone know what this option is supposed to do?

-mrelocatable-lib in the current compiler development tree is -mrelocatable,
and it sets a bit in the flags word that says the object can be linked with
either normal objects or objects compiled with -mrelocatable.

-mno-eabi says not to use eabi extensions in compiling the code (which means in
practice, aligning the stack to a 16 byte boundary instead of a 8 byte
boundary, and not using r2 as a secondary small data pointer if -msdata).

This is all caused by the fact that there has been no 2.8 release of gcc......

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