Intermetrics asm68000 to m68k-coff-as

mike smith
Mon Apr 28 02:05:00 GMT 1997

David Greeson wrote:
> Hi,
> Our current assembler uses the following style,
>     move.l  D1,-(A7) * displacements to arguments must change
> but I had to change the line to this to get it to compile
>     move.l  %D1,-(%A7) /* displacements to arguments must change */
> We have thousands of line of assembler code.  Is there anyway to
> make m68k-coff-as accept the old style?

Convention is something like this :

/* ANSI concatenation macros.  */

#define CONCAT1(a, b) CONCAT2(a, b)
#define CONCAT2(a, b) a ## b

/* Use the right prefix for global labels.  */

#define SYM(x) CONCAT1 (__USER_LABEL_PREFIX__, x)

/* Use the right prefix for registers.  */

#define REG(x) CONCAT1 (__REGISTER_PREFIX__, x)

#define d0 REG (d0)
#define d1 REG (d1)
#define d2 REG (d2)
#define d3 REG (d3)
#define d4 REG (d4)
#define d5 REG (d5)
#define d6 REG (d6)
#define d7 REG (d7)
#define a0 REG (a0)
#define a1 REG (a1)
#define a2 REG (a2)
#define a3 REG (a3)
#define a4 REG (a4)
#define a5 REG (a5)
#define a6 REG (a6)
#define fp REG (fp)
#define sp REG (sp)
#define sr REG (sr)

You could easily duplicate these with uppercase mnemonics.
My apologies to Rob, from whose work (newlib crt0) this
was shamelessly cribbed.

> David

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