Flushing registers from gdb?

Hans Zuidam hans@brandinnovators.com
Tue Apr 1 01:41:00 GMT 1997


When working with bare metal it would sometimes be nice to force
gdb to forget it's knowledge of register values.  Is there any such
command to make it flush it's registers (aka registers_changed())
and reload them from the target next time you print them?

When no program is loaded on the target, there is no method to
print out all registers except for uncommenting the `if (selected_frame
== NULL)' test in infocmd.c:registers_info().  Is there a more
convenient method?

Also, I found a bug (gdb 4.16) in the caching code.  In the function
dcache.c:dcache_info() it reads:

	for (p = last_cache->valid_head; p; p = p->p)

which should be (or something like this)

	for (p = last_cache ? last_cache->valid_head : 0; p; p = p->p)


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