cluster/gfs-kernel/src dlm/lock_dlm.h dlm/moun ...
Tue Sep 27 19:01:00 GMT 2005

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cluster
Module name:	cluster
Changes by:	2005-09-27 19:01:16

Modified files:
	gfs-kernel/src/dlm: lock_dlm.h mount.c sysfs.c 
	gfs-kernel/src/gfs: incore.h lm.c ops_fstype.c 
	gfs-kernel/src/gulm: gulm.h gulm_fs.c 
	gfs-kernel/src/harness: lm_interface.h main.c 
	gfs-kernel/src/nolock: main.c 

Log message:
	The fs kobject is now passed into the lock module at mount time.
	It's ignored by nolock and gulm.
	Kobject added to gfs1 so the same lock module can operate with
	both gfs1 and gfs2.


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