cluster/gfs2-kernel/src/gfs2 inode.c
Tue Sep 13 22:48:00 GMT 2005

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cluster
Module name:	cluster
Changes by:	2005-09-13 22:48:13

Modified files:
	gfs2-kernel/src/gfs2: inode.c 

Log message:
	When you copy an suid root file to gfs, you start a transaction on the
	write and then make a vfs call that eventaully tries to start another
	transaction for changing the file attributes.  This cause gfs to print a
	warning and not get the attributes right.
	After this change, if you already have a transaction started in
	gfs2_setattr_simple, instead of failing the warning assert, you simply use
	the existing transaction.


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