cluster/gfs/gfs_fsck TODO bio.c fs_dir.c fs_re ...
Mon Aug 1 16:20:00 GMT 2005

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cluster
Module name:	cluster
Changes by:	2005-08-01 16:20:48

Modified files:
	gfs/gfs_fsck   : TODO bio.c fs_dir.c fs_recovery.c fsck.h 
	                 initialize.c log.c log.h metawalk.c pass1b.c 
	                 pass1c.c pass5.c rgrp.c super.c super.h 

Log message:
	Update fsck in HEAD of CVS with changes made to RHEL4 and STABLE
	branches - large forward-port of changes
	* Whitespace changes
	* Set error variable before use
	* Remove duplicate allocation code
	* Don't use the BH_DATA macro when assigning
	* set error before using it
	* Display messages before, during, and after clearing journals
	o Currently displays a '.' every 10 journals cleared - this messes with the
	log_info message when -v is used, but I'm not going to worry about it for
	* Update Makefile
	* Fix for bug #160525
	- The fsck wasn't handling extended attributes properly - if it found
	one, it would read an invalid variable instead of the one pointing to
	the eattr block.
	* Create log_at_* macros
	o log_at_* only prints the message if the default level equals the priority of
	the print request
	* use log_at_notice for '.' printing in journal "replay"
	* Turn some non-static functions static
	* Add newline to message
	* Add a function to write out a new superblock
	o writes out the superblock contained in sbp->sb
	* Prevent new mounters by changing the lock protocol
	o Change the lock protocol from lock_* -> fsck_* on startup
	o Change it from fsck_* -> lock_* on teardown
	o Currently requires gfs_tool to fix if the fsck fails partway through
	* Fix minor warning in super.c
	* Fix for bz #160835 - fsck erroneously reporting bitmap corruption
	o converting free metadata -> free data should not generate errors
	o this adjusts the way the fsck checks the bitmaps so it does not, it
	just notified the user that the block is getting converted from
	free metadata to free data.
	* Fix up build_metalist to work properly
	nbh wasn't getting zeroed properly in the loop that was using it,
	resulting in bad values getting passed in if check_metalist didn't set it.
	* fix up check_eattr* calls and add debug info
	check_eattr_indir and check_eattr_leaf weren't setting bh properly
	added some log_info/log_debug calls to help track down what's going on


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