bzip2-testing LICENSE

Randy MacLeod
Tue May 26 20:35:30 GMT 2020


I've been reviewing the work that Rahul has done to package
bzip2-testing for Yocto / Open Embedded. One question that I have
is about the license terms of the repo. In brief it seems
that the COPYING/LICENSE files are left over from the original
projects and that it's possible that since the remaining
files are data rather than source, that the LICENSE terms no longer
apply. For a more details explanation, see:,,,20,0,0,0::Created,,bzip2+test+suite,20,2,0,73224911

My conclusion is that the bzip2-ptest yocto package should be
tagged with just:
    LICENSE = "GPLv3+"
due to the terms of the top level script rather
that the alternative:
    LICENSE = \
    "bzip2-1.0.6 & GPLv3+ & Apache-2.0 & MS-PL & BSD-3-Clause & Zlib"

If you agree, then I'd be happy to send a commit to remove
the license files in the sub-directories and include a nice long
explanation in the commit log based on the email referenced above.
If not that's certainly fine as well but I would be puzzled by such a 
result! :)

Note that Yocto users typically automatically fetch the source at
build time from the original SRC_URI so this certainly doesn't
affect distribution of the bzip2-test source.

Thanks for your attention ,

# Randy MacLeod
# Wind River Linux

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