[RFC] GDB sanity test

Keith Seitz keiths@redhat.com
Thu Apr 21 16:31:22 GMT 2022

On 4/21/22 08:18, Frank Ch. Eigler wrote:
>> Any other ideas how we might want to do this?
> If this kind of ongoing sanity checking were valuable -- comparing
> final .sum "# of FOOBAR" counts from dejagnu to parser output data,
> then the parser could do that itself every time it runs, as a
> confirmatory self-check.

Yeah, that's not a horrible idea... We still need some sort of sanity
or CI test, but it would likely be much simpler. Like just include
{project}.{log,sum} files for gdb and systemtap (and ...) and run
those as tests.

>> The one obvious missing bit is being able to easily invoke tests. Right now,
>> I just rely on "python3 -m pytest tests" to run all tests. Maybe a makefile
>> or shell script to do this would be appropriate.
> In the fche/bunsenql branch, there is now autoconf/automake machinery that
> lets you run "configure; make; make check" and run the bulk of your test
> in the automake style.

I saw, thanks!

So the question I have is: if I want to progress my goals w/bunsen, what
should I be doing now to help out, if anything, and where should I be
doing it (bunsenql, master)?


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