public-inbox for binutils lists

Mark Wielaard
Thu Aug 25 11:54:12 GMT 2022

Hi binutils-hackers,

All sourceware mailinglists are now also available through the public-
inbox instance at

In particular the binutils mailinglist is available here:

Note that you can now mirror the mailinglist through git, there is an
atom link to follow the lists, you can download mboxes of search
results and there are read-only nntp news and imap archives of each
list. See

To handle patches you might want to look at b4 or piem for emacs:

You will want the following in your .git/config:

    midmask =
    linkmask =

There are currently some known issues:

- Message-IDs can contain slashes ('/') which are sometimes
  encoded as %2F. If you got an URL with "%2F" in the path change
  it to an actual '/' character to workaround it
  (which doesn't work if the Message-ID ends with a / which is
   the case for bugzilla generated emails).
  We are looking to see if we can get the slash handling more

- HTML emails aren't accepted. Even if the list would strip the
  text/html part. Please don't sent HTML email. We are looking
  at stripping the HTML part and only importing the text/plain
  part into public-inbox.

Your friendly sourceware overseers team (with special thanks to Simon
Marchi for showing how to setup public-inbox and to Frank Eigler for
making sure the sourceware infrastructure was ready).

P.S. is one part of the Sourceware GNU Toolchain
Infrastructure roadmap to make email/git based workflow more fun,
secure and productive by automating contribution tracking and testing
across different distros and architectures:

There will be a Sourceware GNU Toolchain Infrastructure and beyond BoF
at the Cauldron next month for everybody who likes to discuss (and
wants to help with) automating the infrastructure to make contributing
to our projects more fun and more productive:

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