[PATCH,V6 04/10] libctfframe: add the CTF Frame library

Nick Clifton nickc@redhat.com
Mon Aug 15 12:46:31 GMT 2022

Hi Indu,

I had a strange problem with this patch.  When I tried to apply it by hand
using the "patch" program I received these error messages:

   File libctfframe/testsuite/libctfframe.decode/DATA1: git binary diffs are not supported.
   File libctfframe/testsuite/libctfframe.decode/DATA2: git binary diffs are not supported.
   File libctfframe/testsuite/libctfframe.decode/DATA_BIGE: git binary diffs are not supported.

When I tried to apply it by saving the whole email and using "git apply" I

   error: corrupt patch at line 362

(I think that this is due to a bug in thunderbird which is causing it to
wrap lines when it saves them to files).

Using "git am" did work, although it complained about lots of whitespace
errors.  I am not a fan of git am however as I do not like the fact that
it commits the patch before I have had a chance to review it.  But I can
work around this, so on with the review.

> diff --git a/libctfframe/Makefile.am b/libctfframe/Makefile.am

When you add a new top-level directory like libctfframe you need to update
the src-release.sh file as well.  In particular line 96 contains a list of
the top level directories that will be included in a release, and so you
will want to add your directory there.

In addition it would be nice to include an entry in the binutils/NEWS and/or
gas/NEWS files mentioning the new feature of the binutils.


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