[PATCH,V6 03/10] gas: generate .ctf_frame

Nick Clifton nickc@redhat.com
Mon Aug 15 12:22:02 GMT 2022

Hi Indu,

> +bool
> +aarch64_support_ctf_frame_p (void)
> +{
> +  if (aarch64_abi == AARCH64_ABI_LP64)
> +    return 1;
> +  return 0;
> +}

Given that this is a bool function, it really ought to return
a bool value.  Either that or just return the equality:

   return (aarch64_abi == AARCh64_ABI_LP64);

> +bool
> +aarch64_ctf_frame_ra_tracking_p (void)
> +{
> +  return 1;
> +}

   return true;

One other thing that I found was that with this patch applied (and
the 01 and 02 patches) but no others, there were several new failures
in the gas testsuite.  This is not really an issue as the problem is
obviously that objdump has not yet been patched to support the --ctf-frame
option.  But it does mean that I cannot perform incremental testing.
ie apply one patch, build, test, apply the next patch, and so on.


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