gprofng not quite ready for prime time?

Ruud van der Pas
Tue Aug 9 18:17:11 GMT 2022

Hi Jan,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. Comments below.

> Initially I merely noticed version.texi trying to be created in the
> source tree, which of course won't work if that one is read-only.

This is oversight. I will create a bugzilla bug report and address this
right away.

> But then I further noticed that the testsuite fails to build and/or
> run various things, first and foremost because of (but not
> necessarily limited to) Java not being available.

This work was done by Vladimir. He is currently away, but we will look
into this no later than this week.

> Despite (or maybe
> as a result of) this the running of the (mostly failing) testsuite
> took a non-negligible amount of time for the just 5 tests (on
> x86-64).

This is in the nature of the beast. As Luis already mentioned, we run
the tests in a fixed amount of time. We do so to get enough samples to
verify the functionality.

We are definitely interested in addressing this if it is considered to
take too much time. For example, make the fixed time a user tunable, with
a certain default, or alternatively provide feedback on the expected
duration of the test(s) to the builder. Any other suggestion is welcome!

Kind regards, Ruud

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