[PATCH] gas: Fix some typos in the Info manual

Nick Clifton nickc@redhat.com
Tue Aug 9 15:33:49 GMT 2022

Hi Štěpán,

> Any reason you dropped the last hunk?

Stupidity on my part - I missed it.
I have now checked in this last part.

> Was there anything wrong with my patch? It seems you applied (most of)
> the changes by hand


> instead of using git(-am) (the latter would have
> also preserved the correct spelling of my name).

This is because I did not know about "git am".

If I have understood correctly, I have to save the entire email to a
file, and then run "git am <file>" to have the patch applied.  But
this automatically commits the patch, even if I do not want to do so.
So then if I decide that the patch is wrong in some way I have to
revert the commit and reset the sources.  But if I like the commit
I can push it straight away.  Right ?


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